Clash of Clans

The Imps: #P9JRQ2Y0

Breaking any of the below rules will result in a KICK!

Discord group:

Discord is a free app available free on playstore or appstore and windows or mac. Discord wont share any of your personal information. Download the app and join our group using either of the links below. We also recruit through discord, so it’s easy to reach out.


  • YouTube:


Th 9's
Heros should be at least 10-10 each with all troops and spells unlocked (queen up to lev 7 fine but not less).
Th 10's 
All troops up to th 10 should be unlocked. Heros at least 20 each.
Th 11's 
All troops up to th 11 should be unlocked. king and queen at least lev 35+ and grand warden at least lev 5+.
Th 12's
All troops unlocked. Heros:- queen and king at least 45+ each and warden at least lev 10.
TH 13's
All troops unlocked Heroes :- Queen and king lev 50 warden lev 15 and Royal champion unlocked

General Rules:

  • Only English is allowed.
  • Never ask for a co-leader or an elder status, or you will never get it.
  • Join only if you can play war.
  • Join our discord group and score 5/6 stars in 3 consecutive wars for promotion. CWL wars are not counted towards promotion. 
  • Join our Discord group
  • Ones you are in clan and if u leave u wont be welcomed anymore unless a Co-leader or the leader himself permits you. 
  • let a Co leader or the leader know before you upgrade your town hall. 
  • If you have upgraded your town hall, u will have more upgrades to do before playing wars so u can take permissions from a Co leader to leave and join another clan inorder to complete the upgrades and come back. 
  • If you were Co leader before in clan and return after a year don’t expect an instant promotion, u will have to earn it like others do (this also applies for elders). 
  • Leader’s and Co leader’s words are final if u don’t like what they say u are free to leave.
  • Everyone is encouraged to play clan games but we expect everyone whoever is participating in clan games to complete the minimum required points, if not stay at 0.
  • Members can check their war progress to know how close they are towards promotion from this link

War Rules:

  • Always attack for stars, not for loot.
  • Always read the message besides your opponent base for targets. 
  • Stealing others targets will start with a warning follow by a kick if repeated. However u can steal targets 3 hrs before war ends. 
  • If all your targets are 3 starred, re-attack them if there are no fewer bases available. You may ask a co-leader for permission to attack a target out of your range.
  • Always use both attacks.
  • Failing to use at least 3 attacks in 2 wars will result in a demotion or a kick.
  • You are only allowed to skip wars unless u have important upgrades. 
  • If you skip 2 wars in a row, you are expected to play 2 wars in a row afterwards.
  • If you want to skip more than 2 wars, we will kindly ask you to leave and come back later when you’re ready.
  • If you’re a low level TH, don’t wait for the last minute to attack. Low targets are quickly 3 starred.
  • Waiting for the last minute to attack in every war in order to aim for a higher TH is not allowed.
  • Don’t be a suicidal hero, we need the stars.

Clan Castle (CC) War Donations:

  • Always donate maximum troops level in war. If you can’t donate max troops, don’t donate till last hour.       
  • All low levels must have either a Valkyrie or a dragon in their war CC.
  • Respect the requests, don’t give random troops and don’t assume that you know better.
  • Before 1 hour and 30 minutes from the war start, you have the right to give ONLY ARCHERS, VALKYRIES or any defensive troops of any level to the players that still have empty slots in their war CC.

Donation Rules:

  • Everybody must maintain at least a ratio of 1:10. For example, if you receive 10 troops you must donate 1 back. If you receive 1000 troops you must give 100 troops.
  • You’re free to ask for any troop you want, but don’t expect to get it instantly, specially if it’s not for war.
  • Respect others requests. If you don’t have what they are asking for, don’t donate, or ask if they want something else.
  • It’s advisable to ask for “Any” or “Archers” for raids or defense, you will get the troops faster and you will make it easier for others to increase their donation ratio.
  • If you’re new to the clan, you may ask for troops, but you will also be expected to maintain the 1:10 ratio as soon as possible.

Co-Leaders and Leader:

  • Co-leaders and leader are the oldest players in the clan.
  • Co-leaders and leader words are final.
  • Co-leaders actions are final. You can’t appeal. Don’t be a genius and talk to another co-leader or the leader.
  • If you have a suggestion, we will gladly hear it and take it into consideration.
  • If you want to force your opinion, then go join another clan.
  • Just like any other member, co-leaders and leader are expected to be active, play wars and follow the rules.
  • Co-leaders bullying elders or members will be demoted.
  • No minis accounts which are off requirements allowed in clan even if it’s just for few secs or for donation purposes. If found he/she will be demoted. 


  • Elders are our old and veteran members.
  • Always respect the elders, they are experienced and know what they are talking about.
  • In order to become an elder, you must join our discord group get at least 5/6 stars in 3 consecutive wars.
  • Don’t be a genius and thing we wont know if a members has played 3 or more we save the data after every war and promote accordingly 
  • Just like any other member, elders are expected to be active and play wars.
  • In case of idling, disappearing or breaking the rules, elders will be demoted or even kicked.
  • Elders bullying members will be demoted.
  • No minis accounts which are off requirements allowed in clan even if it’s just for few secs or for donation purposes. If found he/she will be demoted. 


  • Always speak in English.
  • If you’re not sure of something, ask a co or an elder.
  • Also make sure u join our discord group

Alternative accounts:

  • You’re free to have as many accounts as you want in the clan.
  • The donation ratio is combined between all the alternative accounts.
  • All the rules apply for both accounts.


  • You are free to invite all your friends to the clan.
  • All your friends must abide by the clan’s rule.
  • Your friend(s) will not have any special privilege at all, no matter what your status is, or how much you help the clan.
  • You friend(s) will get kicked when they break the rules, specially the war rules.
  • No one is responsible for their friend(s). If they get kicked, that doesn’t mean that your status is in any danger, as long as you don’t start causing problems.

Respect, Humour and Socializing:

  • You are encouraged to talk to other members.
  • Some members might consider your jokes as an insult. If you can’t stop your jokes, don’t direct it toward them.
  • The clan has players from all over the world. Different backgrounds, different cultures and different ethnicity.
  • The clan has both males and females, don’t be a sexist in an offensive way.
  • Don’t complain about everything and blame everyone. Nobody likes to be around a negative energy.
  • Clan members if you have any complains/suggestions/feedback anything you would like to get changed in clan feel free to mention it in #suggestions-feedback-complains on discord
  • And lastly as always have fun and enjoy.