Clash Royale

The Imps: #2PY2U0J

Breaking any of the below rules will result in a KICK!

  • Every account has to earn elder or co-leaders, that is you can have 1 member and another elder account.
  • For single battles clan chest, you need at least 10 chests per day, that is if it takes the clan 3 days to open the clan chest, you must have contributed with at least 10 clan chests in total.
  • For dual battles clan chest, you need to contribute 1 clan chest per day, that is 2 wins per day.
  • You must donate at least 30 cards per season
  • If you can’t donate nor play clan chests, leave and come back later
  • If you are a co-leader, don’t send meaningless clan messages
  • We accept all players as long as they donate and play clan chests
  • Don’t spam the clan chat